Change of Security Certificates

Friday, October 30, 2015 - 11:45

During 27th and 28th of October 2015, security certificates for the web pages, Wiki, IMAP, SMTP and RADIUS server (WiFi) were changed. If your browser, mail client or WiFi client complains about changed certificate, it is OK this time.

As a security measure, there are now separate certificates for the respective services.

Certificate details:

Common Names (CN),,
Organization (O)České vysoké učení technické v Praze
Serial Numbers04:3E:AE:B4:B3:6B:42:2C:FA:16:18:44:D8:83:5B:EF (
05:00:F8:24:88:4A:A9:52:0B:B5:16:D7:ED:E7:49:D5 (
02:E4:B0:C0:8F:E8:31:3F:1B:F2:84:01:95:28:C4:18 (
Issued By:
Common Name (CN)TERENA SSL CA 3
Valid From26.10.2015
SHA1 Fingerprints:
E9:47:6A:D0:5A:BF:8C:8A:46:88:01:EE:4A:DC:EE:F0:F7:3A:FF:7A (
84:CB:62:57:2D:40:10:CF:60:B7:04:FD:A9:EE:1F:E1:15:65:82:AD (
CC:77:A0:85:88:CA:0C:F8:89:15:28:FB:3B:1D:70:B2:CA:10:B3:8D (

For the download of the certificates, head to the Silicon Hill wiki.