E-mail account

Every member of the club who wanted new e-mail account has an e-mail account created in the process of registration to the computer network. E-mail address has this form: name_written_on_registration_form@sin.cvut.cz. Reading e-mails can be done through WEB interface, or by e-mail client. Members can add aliases to their e-mail account. It is possible to set up aliases in SINIS. Password is the same as to SINIS.

Email client settings:

user name: your.email.name@sin.cvut.cz (or only your.email.name)

 protocolserver addressportconnection securityauthentication method
Incoming mailIMAPimap.sin.cvut.cz993SSL/TLSNormal password
Outgoing mailSMTPimap.sin.cvut.cz465SSL/TLSNormal password

password is the same as to SINIS