The Gym is located  in the basement of Sinkuleho dormitory (door next to the Multimedia room).

Access to the Gym

Access to the Gym is granted for all members of club Sincoolka. If you have Full membership, you already have access to the Gym and don't need the Fitness membership. Fitness membership is for people who don't want access to the computer network, but want to exercise. 

The Gym is open from 8 am to 10 pm. Keys are available at the lodge. You need two Room ID cards with Gym stamps to borrow the keys. You can to get the stamps from Manager of Gym.

For your safety, at least two members are required to be in the Gym while exercising.

The last one who is leaving the Gym need to close the windows, switch off the lights and lock the Gym. For exercising you must have a towel and use sport shoes.

Kdo odchází poslední, zavře okna, zhasne a zamkne. Při cvičení v posilovně je potřeba mít ručník a používat sportovní obuv.

Operating rules of the Gym |  PDF (czech only) |

Summary of equipment

In the Gym you can use for example:

  • exercise bycicle
  • rowing trainer
  • fitness bench
  • benchpress
  • multipress stand
  • boxing bag
  • horizontal bar
  • dumbbells
  • weightlifting weights
  • peck-deck