Important: Wi-Fi network certificate change

Tuesday, November 5, 2019 - 21:40

⚠️ Wi-Fi network notice: Today, around 9:50pm, we will be replacing our Wi-Fi network certificate. This may cause some messages on your phones and laptops, requiring you to confirm connection to the network. In that case, please check if the server certificate is issued to the name, by TERENA / DigiCert authority.

If there is a fingerprint displayed, you may verify it by going to the following address:

If the connection fails without an explanation, it may be necessary to delete your Wi-Fi profile and configure it again. We have some walkthroughs on our wiki:

In case of issues, please do not hesitate to ask for help (admin (at)

For people with more advanced knowledge: we are replacing the certificate of the RADIUS authentication server due to the expiration of the current certificate. The certificate authority is staying the same and so do the domain names. Therefore, if you have configured your laptop / Android device properly, the Wi-Fi should continue to work without interruption.

Thanks for your understanding!

On behalf of the Sincoolka administrators
Pavel Valach
head of the network section