Manager of Bike depository
Jakub Burdych, room no. 69 (SIN)

Managers of Gym

Perform gym card registration during their office hours.
Adam Johanides, room no. 97 (SIN)
Martin Kvetoň, room no. 97 (SIN)

Manager of sports equipment
Vít Střelka, room no. 97 (SIN)

Manager of desk games
Tomas Zdarsa, room no. 131 (SIN)

Managers of Multimedia room
Lukáš Bureš, room no. 001B (DEJ)
Jiří Žalský, room no. 45 (SIN)

Managers of Luggage depository
Adam Mitrenga, room no. 175 (SIN)

Manager of Grill depository
Lukáš Střelka, room no. 73 (SIN)

Manager of LAB

The position is not filled at the moment.