Membership Fee

General Information (valid from 1st July 2018)

Membership type Amount in CZK Details
Basic membership 200 CZK / semester Access to the dark room (soon)
Ability to borrow various devices and equipment offered by the club
Network membership 600 CZK / semester Connection to academic network
Access to the dormitory printer
Requires valid Basic membership
Sport membership 400 CZK / semester Access to the gym and sauna
Requires valid Basic membership


  • The amount is fixed. It is not possible to get discount when connecting during the semester.
  • It is possible to combine memberships and pay for a missing membership during semester.
  • The trial period to pay the membership fee starts on the day of signing the application form to the club (for the new members) or beginning of the new semester (for the old members) and lasts 15 days.
  • If the user does not pay the fee in this trial period, his account on the server will be deleted including all user data.
  • It is necessary to pay the fee by bank transfer or through online payment gateway (not by cash to administrators of the network). Another ways to pay the membership fee is to use GSM/home banking or money postal order. When paying by cash at a Bank branch, you will pay additional CZK 90 as a fee for the Bank.


Bank transfer

Data necessary for payment

  • Account number: 99924050 / 2010 (FIO bank)
  • Amount: the sum of membership fees (e.g. Basic + Network - 200+600 = 800 CZK)
  • Variable symbol: fill in your UID (you can find it here after login)
  • Constant symbol: do not fill in
  • Specific symbol: do not fill in
  • Message for payee: Membership fee - your name

Nearest FIO bank

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Online payment

Now, you can pay the membership fee through an online payment gateway. The option is available after logging in to SINIS and going to "Membership & Payment" section. Both network and sport membership can be paid this way. We use s.r.o. as our online payment service provider.


  • Warning: Check with your bank about their fees for online payments and currency conversion.
  • We will activate your membership immediately after we receive the confirmation of payment from our gateway provider. It should only take a few minutes.
  • Your credit or debit card must have online payments allowed. The gateway will use 3D Secure verification (Mastercard SecureCard, Verified By Visa atd.) where possible.
  • We never collect your credit or debit card details. The system of s.r.o. is used to facilitate the payment through trustworthy partners. GP webpay is used for secure card payment.
  • After your payment is complete, you will receive a confirmation on your e-mail. We will pass your e-mail address to s.r.o. It will be used solely for this purpose and for identification/as a contact in case something goes wrong.

Making a claim

If something went wrong with your payment, you can make a claim - please email us the payment details as soon as possible at and we will handle it without undue delay. In case we determine the error was not caused by us, we will pass your claim to our payment service provider; that can take up to 30 days.