New information system

Tuesday, January 29, 2013 - 11:30


Previous weekend new information system SINIS was put into full operation. Old information system SIS was deactivated.

Contrary to former system, SINIS is accessible even from computers outside the Sincoolka network. Because of that, the login with username and password was implemented into SINIS.

If you are a member of Club Sincoolka and an email with details about the new system haven't reached you, please visit administrators during office hours and take your passport with you.
As a username the school email address was chosen. The school email address is also required when registering as a new member of the Club Sincoolka.

User data of existing members was migrated from the previous system to the current one. When putting the current system into full operation, an email was sent to existing members. The email contains link to the new system interface and description on how to log in, which UID use as a variable symbol when paying the membership fee. While migrating the user data from previous system, new UID (user identification number) was assigned to members. We strongly recommend you to pay the membership fee with the new UID.

On the first login into the system interface, you will be asked to review and complete your data. At this point, you have to change the primary email address from the generic one (,, etc.) to your school email address. If you don't change it, you won't be able to continue. By changing the email address, your username to the system will change accordingly. In this step, we recommend to change the password to new one. You can set whatever password you want as long as it meets the requirements. If you forgot your password, you can ask for a new one from the system interface, but you will need some additional data from database, so we recommend to keep your data in SINIS relevant.

We know about the minor deficiencies in the system interface, but the basic functionality is not affected. We continue to develop the system and to improve the interface.