Personal property damage during storm on 31st May 2016

Thursday, June 2, 2016 - 15:00

Dear guests of Sinkuleho or Dejvická dormitory,

in case your personal property was damaged by the storm that occurred on 31st May 2016, please follow the steps below.

Procedure in case of damage to personal property by a natural disaster:

  1. Report the damage to the accomodation office, ASAP.
  2. Fill out the Loss Report form - english version / v češtině
  3. Perform photographic documentation of damages, if possible.
  4. Provide proof of purchase / acquisition (e.g. receipts) for your damaged property.
  5. Pass all the documents from steps 2-4 to the accomodation office.

The loss adjuster will perform an in-depth investigation of the reported damage. It is important to certify that the windows were closed properly. If the windows were broken out by a strong wind, please state the fact in the Loss Report form.

Most likely, the loss adjuster will need to access your room to verify provided information.

In case of any doubt, please contact the Delegates of Sinkuleho and Dejvická dormitory at, or contact the accomodation office - Mrs. Bedrníková (click for contact info).

Best regards,
Jakub Knap
Delegate of Sinkuleho dormitory

Attached: Loss Report form - english version / v češtině