Sincoolka WiFi settings are about to change

Monday, August 17, 2015 - 19:00

On 19th August, during 8pm, we are going to change the WiFi security settings. Your credentials for SINIS will be used to log in. If you use, or plan to use our WiFi, please verify that you're able to login to SINIS to avoid further issues.

Operation of Sincoolka-legacy network remains unchanged. Also, Sincoolka-test will be shut down in favor of Sincoolka network.

Read How-to walkthrough with troubleshooting. If you have any issues not solved in the walkthrough, please come see us in LAB during the office hours. (See Office hours in the lower right box.) Or mail our admin team -

In case you don't have access to Sincoolka WiFi yet, and want access, read How to access Sincoolka WiFi network.