⚠️ Window replacement at Dejvická dorm

Saturday, February 8, 2020 - 22:13

At Dejvická dormitory, a replacement of windows and lights will take place in the second half of the next week. This is a part of the EPC project (Energy Performance Contracting), as an effort to conserve energy. If you live at Dejvická dormitory, this may affect you. An informational meeting will be held at the lobby of Sinkuleho dormitory, on 11th February at 9am. Read more for details.

The window replacement will start in the upper floors and continue downwards. In the first phase, windows facing the courtyard will be replaced, in the second phase, windows facing the street will be replaced. In addition, the lights will be replaced with an energy-efficient solution. This should make the lights brighter, and warmer, too.

The timetable for the replacements will be made available soon. If your window will be replaced, then you will be notified via email.

There will be some inconvenience for two or three days during the replacement. Before the replacement, it will be necessary to clean the space close to the windows, placing as much stuff as possible inside the drawers or beds. Then, the furniture will be sealed and covered in plastic foils.

You will need to take your valuables with you; alternatively they may be stored with the dormitory management. You will not be able to use your room during the day.

Here is what will happen:

Day One
Window replacement. Move your stuff away from the windows - you have until 8:00am. Take your valuables with you or store them with the dormitory management. In the evening, it will be possible to return to your room. Due to the nature of the work, please expect increased dustiness in your room.

Day Two
Finishing the new windows. The cleaning company will clean your room on this day if possible. In case of delays, the cleaning will take place the next day.

Increased dustiness and loud noises are to be expected, starting from approx. 8am.

A ping-pong room at Sinkuleho dormitory will be dedicated for your stay during the replacement. There will be tables and chairs, and a bed to take a rest. We will also make the Multimedia room available, in case of interest. Toilets, bathrooms and showers will be also provided at Sinkuleho dormitory.

⚠️⚠️ The dormitory management has scheduled an informational meeting. It will be held at the lobby of Sinkuleho dormitory, on 11th February at 9am. The management will answer all your questions here. If you cannot attend, you may present your questions at our Facebook page or at the delegates@sin.cvut.cz email and we will get you the answers on your behalf. ⚠️⚠️

P.S.: There’s a new landlord at Dejvická dormitory. Do you need to have something fixed in your room? Write it down at the reception! Just ask for “kniha závad”.